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101 Recipes for Children
101 Recipes for Children

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Nita Mehta

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Details for 101 Recipes for Children

Food provides nourishment for the healthy growth of a child but it also has a psychological aspect. The table can become a battle field. The parent can insist, “This is good for you,” and the child can stubbornly say, “But I don’t like it.” This book aims to give parents the choice to provide a healthy and nourishing diet, while respecting the right of the child to be a child - to have child-like cravings and preferences. With a little wisdom and the right recipes, one can make food that is child-friendly in size, uncomplicated in taste, and fun to eat. The child does not have to become aware of the parent’s ‘hidden agenda’ to cram in all the required proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that promote strong bones, sustained energy, and all the building blocks required for the growth of body and brain.