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Cookery Books >> Non-Vegetarian >> Bakes & Cakes (New Edition)   

Bakes & Cakes (New Edition)
Bakes & Cakes (New Edition)

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Nita Mehta

7 x 9.5 inches



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Details for Bakes & Cakes (New Edition)

Whether you are looking for a baked dish to serve a family meal or something special to choose for a party, there are lots of ideas for you! “Bakes & Cakes” will help you perfect savoury dishes like chicken potato pie, Mexican chili con carne and lots of vegetable bakes with different combinations like spinach, mushrooms or corn, eggplant bakes and so many others. A variety of fruit and vegetable cakes, like the banana walnut, carrot -almond, cherry and date and also apple streusel muffins, will surely turn out to be prized recipes. If a delicious pie is your goal, the book will take you step by step through the ‘blind’ baking of the shell, preparing the fragrant filling and then assembling the whole thing together. All recipes are quick and simple to prepare but still give delicious results. The list of ingredients for a particular recipe is not too long, to put you off the mood to bake. We hope that you’ll take pleasure in the process and the many wonderful results!