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Cookery Books >> Non-Vegetarian >> Continental Cooking (Veg + Non Veg)  

Continental Cooking (Veg + Non Veg)
Continental Cooking (Veg + Non Veg)

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Nita Mehta

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Details for Continental Cooking (Veg + Non Veg)

With the world shrinking due to wide spread travelling, food habits have undergone a vast change. People today enjoy a wide variety of food from far and near. Continental meals are also becoming popular in addition to the growing popularity of the flavourful Indian curries, the world over. Generally in Continental cooking, the sauce is cooked separately and so are the meat and the vegetables. The two are then combined at the time of serving. The sauce may be tomato based, cream based or just stock thickened with cornflour. Mustard, lemon, pepper, fresh or dried herbs are added to flavour the sauces. This book offers you a wide variety of chicken, mutton, fish, egg, pasta and vegetable dishes to help you pick and choose a complete Continental meal. Enjoy Continental cooking with confidence!