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Cookery Books >> Non-Vegetarian >> Cookbook of Regional Cuisines of India (Veg + Non Veg)  

Cookbook of Regional Cuisines of India (Veg + Non Veg)
Cookbook of Regional Cuisines of India (Veg + Non Veg)

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Nita Mehta

8 x 11 inches



1500 gm.

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Details for Cookbook of Regional Cuisines of India (Veg + Non Veg)

India has every kind of climate zone within its borders: extremely wet areas drenched with monsoon rain; dry sandy deserts; fertile river-watered plains; balmy hills and valleys; snow-covered mountains; and a very long coastline. Each climate zone has its own flora and fauna, the ‘raw material’ for the region’s food, at the basic level. But apart from a varied climate, there is also tremendous diversity in history, culture and tradition, which gets superimposed on the preparation of food, and refines it to a sophisticated art. So in every part of India – a region, a state, a city – you will find a distinct cuisine that has evolved over centuries, with recipes perfected and passed down from generation to generation. Come, let us take a Taste Exploration Journey around India together.