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Children Books >> Large Print For Young Readers >> Tell me About Vishnu - Large Print  

Tell me About Vishnu - Large Print
Tell me About Vishnu - Large Print

225.00 + Shipping Charge 80.00

Anurag Mehta

7 x 9.5 inches



800 gm.

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Details for Tell me About Vishnu - Large Print

The Mahabharata is a saga of a war between cousins of the Kuru clan, namely the Pandavas and the Kauravas. From small events, some beautiful, some sad, some comic, the story rises into a bitter and tragic dimension. Told and retold a million times, the story of the Mahabharata is as much about destruction and defeat as about victory and sacrifice. The emotions displayed by the characters are universal and identifiable even in today’s contemporary times. This perhaps is the secret of its popularity.