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Courses Offered by Nita Mehta Cooking Academy


AWWA Institute, Shankar Vihar, Outer Ring Road (Near Vasant Vihar)
Phone No.:- 011-26141185, , 9873937670

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Veg Breads & Buns
Veg Cake Pops & Cafe Cookies
Veg Fresh Dough Pizza Special
Veg Kitty Party Cooking
Veg Thai Veg
Veg All in One Feast
Veg Appetizers & Snacks
Veg Baked Dishes
Non Veg Baking
Veg Bengali Sweets & Kaju Mithai
Veg Cake and Cake Decoration
Veg Cake Decoration Special
Veg Chaat
Non Veg Chef Special - Non Veg
Veg Chef Special - Veg
Veg Chinese Delights
Non Veg Chinese Non-veg.
Veg Chocolates
Veg Chocolates - Hands on
Veg Christmas Special
Veg Colourfull Delicious Curries
Non Veg Confectionery & Baking
Veg Cookie jar
Veg Creamy Creations
Veg Delicious Home Cooked Meals
Veg Designer Cakes
Veg Dhabe Ka Lazeez Khana
Veg Dips & Salads
Veg Diwali Treats
Non Veg Donuts Bonanza
Veg Eggless Brownies & Cookies
Veg Eggless Confectionery & Baking
Veg Eggless Desserts
Veg Eggless Fancy Cupcakes
Veg Eggless Festive Baking
Veg Eggless Muffins & Cakes
Veg Eggless Tarts & Pie
Veg Eggless tea cakes & muffins
Veg Everyday Cooking
Non Veg Exciting Desserts
Veg Fabulous Cakes With Fondant Eg
Veg Fascinating Cakes With Decorat
Non Veg Festive Baking
Veg Fondant Theme Cake Micky mous
Veg Food Preservation
Veg Frozen Yogurts
Veg Fusion Snacks
Non Veg Great Indian Cooking (Non-Veg)
Veg Great Indian Cooking (Veg)
Veg Healthy Breakfast
Veg High Tea- 5 Star Style
Veg Holi Special
Veg Homemade Ice-Cream
Veg Indian Classic cooking
Non Veg Indian Non-Veg
Veg Indian Party Cooking
Veg Indian Sweets
Veg Italian
Veg Italian Party Cooking
Veg Jhatpat Mithai
Veg Just 100 calories
Veg Kids Camp - No Fire Cooking
Veg Kids Special (Evening Session)
Veg Kids Special (Morning Session)
Veg Kulcha & Parantha Special
Veg Lebanese
Veg Mexican
Non Veg Mexican Non-Veg
Veg Microwave Cooking
Veg Mocktails
Non Veg Momos Special
Veg Mumbai Streetfood
Veg Navratri Special
Veg New Multicuisine
Veg New Veg Snacks
Veg No Onion-No Garlic Food
Non Veg Non Veg Party Snacks
Non Veg Non veg Special
Non Veg Non Veg. Continental
Non Veg Non Veg. Soups & Salads
Non Veg Non-Veg Biryani & Korma
Veg Paneer Dishes
Veg Party Cakes- Hands On!
Veg Party Snacks Veg.
Veg Pasta Special
Veg Pastries
Veg Perfect Home Maker
Professional Baking
Veg Puff Pastries -Hands on
Veg Puff Patty
Veg Puff Patty - Hands On
Veg Rajasthani Special
Non Veg Restaurant Indian Chef - Veg &
Veg Restaurant Indian Chef Course
Veg Restrau Style Cooking
Veg Salads
Veg Sandwiches
Veg Sizzlers
Veg Snack Attack
Veg Snacks for Children
Veg Soups & Accompaniments
Veg South Indian
Veg Soya Special Dishes
Veg Special Chocolates
Veg Special Desserts
Veg Special Navratri Dishes
Veg Starters & Mocktails
Veg Subziyan
Veg Sugar free Dessert
Non Veg Tandoori & Kebab (non-Veg)
Veg Tandoori & Kebab (veg.)
Veg Taste of Gujarat (New)
Veg Taste of New China -Veg
Veg Thai
Non Veg Thai Non-Veg
Veg The Professional Chef - BAKING
Veg Tiffin & Any Time Snacks
Veg Unfried Party Snacks
Veg Veg. Biryanis & Pulaos (New)
Veg Veg. Continental
Veg Vegetable Carving
Veg Vegetarian Cakes & Muffins
Veg Weekend Brunches
Veg Whole Wheat Baking
Veg Winter Special
Veg Wraps & Burgers