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Press Reviews & Interviews

Cooking her way through!


The most important C-word for women, today, is career and not cooking! Climbing the corporate ladder, she has little time to learn the ropes, so to say, from mummy dearest. But then, does the other C-factor (read confidence) in your life take a beating when faced with the ordeal of coming up with a sumptuous whacker of a meal? 

No fret, says Nita Mehta the lady with the apron who offers easy cook solutions on a platter, literally! She is someone who combines all the C-words!

With over 100 best seller cookbook to her credit, Nita has come up with a new self learning guide Learn to Cook with Nita Mehta. The step-by-step photographs in this all colour cookbook, and the simple way in which the recipes are worded, leave no margin for error while cooking. Learn to cook not only teaches you how to cook the most delicious food with the least bit of effort but also help you to present it.

Right from the basics, which include selection of utensils and ingredients like spices, herbs, pulses and many details. The art of table laying, menu planning and entertaining in style are other interesting features of this book.

Besides this, Nita has also written Flavours of Indian Cooking, which received the 'Best book on Asian others, the book deals with practical topics such as 'How to Buy and Store Vegetables/ Meat' giving you a ready reckoner to aid your grocery shopping. 

What's more, cutting techniques such as dicing, slicing, shredding and decorative cutting offer informative cooking' award at the Versailles (Paris) World Cook Book Fair.

For more details on Nita and her cooking tips write in to SNAB Publishing (P) LTD., 3A/3, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi or call 23250091/23252948
Fun with books ! 

Mugging those history lessons and their innumerable dates and places rarely finds favour with children. But attempts to make learning easy never cease. Focussing on novel methods of making children learn and enjoy reading, Nita Mehta Publications has launched a range of children's books titles Glorious History of India, Classic Tales of India, India After Independence, and Tell Me About Hinduism. The books come colourfully illustrated to attract kids' attention to topics like history and culture."The books are written in a simple language with lots of illustrations to make understanding easier and make the experience enjoyable," says Anurag Mehta of Nita Mehta Publications.

For the uninitiated, Nita Mehta is the noted cookery expert who also has over 100 cookery books to her credit.

He adds, "As a child, history never held my interest. But I always believed that Indian history had all the ingredients of an exciting story if presented in language and form appropriate for young readers. With this objective, we launched Nita Mehta Publications."

With these books available at all leading bookstores and children really taking to them, the publishing house is coming out with more titles, namely, Festivals of India, The Mughals, the Rajputs, Shivaji - The Great Maratha, and The Sikhs, to name a few.

Nita Mehta Publications is at:
3A/3, Asaf Ali Road
Tel: 23250091,23252948
E-mail: nita@nitamehta.com